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Made for Everyday and Emergency Use

Inflate-R is one of the only portable devices that pumps up to 150 PSI! That's enough to handle even the biggest tractor trailers and RVs.
Inflate-R is compatible with anything that holds air; tires of all shapes and sizes, beach floaties, balloons, sports balls, air mattresses, and more!


Using innovative inflation technology, Inflate-R fills up your car or truck tire in only 7-9 minutes! A manual pump or a lower quality version would take 20+ minutes.

The Most Affordable and Convenient Way to Handle Tire Pressure


Inflate-R is smaller than your water bottle and conveniently fits in your glovebox, toolbox, or backpack



Don't get caught in the dark or without a battery power. Stay prepared with these emergency features



Stranded in the dark? No worries! Our crystal clear LCD screen is bright enough, ensuring visibility at any time of day



Made for just about everything that holds air; Inflate-R works on car tires, bike tires, inflatables, floaties, sports balls, and more



Pump up car tires in 8 minutes and bike tires in 2



If your devices are in need of a charge, plug them into Inflate-R for a boost



With an air output of 150 PSI, no other pump compares to Inflate-R

What Is Inflate-R?

Inflate-R is an innovative wireless air pump that’s easy to use. It’s portable and chargeable, meaning it’s ideal for any emergency.

Inflate-R comes with a nozzle that plugs into the top of the device and into your tire. The moment you plug it in, you’ll see your current tire pressure (PSI) on the LCD screen.

Set your desired PSI and hit the power button. Inflate-R instantly drives air into your tire, ensuring it doesn't over- or under-inflate!

Once the tire reaches your set PSI, Inflate-R shuts off automatically.

Inflate-R also duels as a portable powerbank and flashlight! You can toss it in your car to charge while driving or you can use it to charge your phone.

Smaller than your water bottle, Inflate-R is light enough to carry on your bike or store in your backpack.

It also comes with various attachments, including balloon, bike and sports equipment nozzles!

Simply, Inflate-R pumps up almost anything that holds air.




Sports Balls



Have you ever experienced these situations before?

Gotten a Flat Tire?

With car tire inflation in just 8 minutes, you'll be on your way.

Dead Phone Battery?

Tired of your phone dying? Just plug it into Inflate-R's powerbank and stay connected.

Stranded at Night?

Stranded in the dark? With Inflate-R's built-in LED flashlight, you can signal down help in no time.

Did you know the average American driver experiences FIVE flat tires in their lifetime?


"I have two of these. One for the car and one for my Honda Trail 90. It is compact and stores nicely. The Inflate-R paid for itself when we ran over a U nail that went into the sidewall of the tire. We were able to make it into the repair shop thus saving a costly tow. For the Honda Trail 90 I love the ability to adjust my tire pressure for on and off road."

~ Matt @ Amazon

Inflate-R Is Easy To Use


Hook up Inflate-R

Select your desired nozzle and attach it to Inflate-R. Hook up the device to your inflatable.


Check & Set PSI

Once you power up Inflate-R, it will show your current PSI. Using the +/- buttons, set your desired PSI.


Hit Start

Hit the power button and Inflate-R will pump out air. Within minutes, your inflatable will be ready to go!

Here’s Why Customers Love Inflate-R

John Townsend


A very reliable piece of equipment

"This miniature compressor really does the job. Was putting out 2 pounds a minute for me this morning. Had 3 tires on my car that needed some attention and the task was completed in record time. This piece of machinery is just what the doctor ordered… and delivered."

May 6, 2021 @ Amazon

Dalores Higginson


Love this inflater!

"I ordered two inflaters to begin with. My grandson showed me how to use it and I was very impressed with how easy it was to inflate my car tires. I gave the second one to his wife. I ordered five more in the last week for Christmas Gifts for my grandchildren and friends."

November 23, 2020

Susan Tucker


Great Portable Air Device

"I no longer have to stop at sketchy gas stations to top off my tires with air only to find that the machine ate my money or the machine doesn’t work or is missing the tire gauche or hose… this neat little gadget ticks away in its own bag, no longer than a small umbrella! Love it!"

February 12, 2021

Gary Cioch


Makes life easier!

"Makes it easier to maintain proper tire maintenance - when the weather changes - can do it in the driveway rather than trying to make it to a convenient store or dealership - not to mention if you pick up a nail etc. - A Great asset to have!!!"

July 7, 2021

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