A quick fix for your worst days


Say goodbye to your clunky jumper cables and the need for another vehicle. Boost-R is completely portable!


Your phone need a battery boost? Place it on top of Boost-R for wireless charging.
Smaller than your tablet and lighter than your water bottle, Boost-R can easily be stored in your glovebox for quick access. Or, you can keep it accessible and powered with the included 3-way USB charging cable.

Pro Tip: If you use it for a jump or to charge your phone, recharge it fully. If it sits around for over 2 months, recharge it. This limits the amount of sulfur in the cells and ensures the longest life for your device!


Perfect for people who don’t like getting their hands dirty, Boost-R is the ideal addition to any road trip. This portable jump starter duels as a powerbank and a wireless charger. With its compact and portable design, Boost-R offers a quick fix for your worst mornings.

With just five simple steps, Boost-R kickstarts any dead car battery. Simply connect the clips to the according battery terminals. Then, plug the cables into the device and hit the power button. Start your engine. Once your battery is reignited, disconnect the the clips and pack up Boost-R.

Boost-R makes the most annoying situations stress-free. Solve your dead car battery with one click.

But that’s not all! Boost-R also offers wireless charging for your mobile devices. Just turn it on and place your device on top. You’ll spot the charging sign in seconds.

And, like any high-quality emergency device, Boost-R is prepared for anything. With its built-in LED flashlight and powerbank, you can feel confident in any situation.

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