Repair Tire Punctures Before Inflating!

Repair Tire Punctures Before Inflating!

Save 50% On Tire Repair Kits TODAY!

Don't find yourself stranded with a punctured tire. InflateR tire repair kits can be used to repair any punctured bike or car tire with ease using rubbered cement before inflating to your set PSI. Each repair kit includes all the resources you will need to fix up to 5 punctures. Small and portable, they fit great in your glove box or backpack right next to your InflateR. Today Only for $12.50 ea.

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Fantastic Product


It did exactly what it claimed. All four tires, low noise (my neighbors couldn't hear a thing), super portable. I really like this thing! It's going on my holiday shopping list for sure. Everyone in my family deserves this very practical and helpful product.

  - Brenda Campbell,
      03/31/2021 @ Amazon

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Love this inflater!


I ordered two inflaters to begin with. My grandson showed me how to use it and I was very impressed with how easy it was to inflate my car tires. I gave the second one to his wife. I ordered five more in the last week for Christmas Gifts for my grandchildren and friends.

  - Dalores Higginson,

Portable, Effective as advertised


I was pleasantly surprised that this rather "small " hand-held pump can inflate all my SUV tires and those of my tractor lawn mower on one charge without direct plugging. It switches off at preset pressure. I travel with it.

  - Ekofomex,
      16/27/2021 @ Amazon

Came in Handy


It more than paid for itself last week. Started to work and my car showed that a tire only had 9 # of air so I got my little compressor set it to put enough to get me to an automotive place. Yep, keep it in my car always.

  - Diane Shelor,
      03/13/2021 @ Amazon

A very reliable piece of equipment


This miniature compressor really does the job. Was putting out 2 pounds a minute for me this morning. Had 3 tires on my car that needed some attention and the task was completed in record time. This piece of machinery is just what the doctor ordered… and delivered.

  - John Townsend,
      05/06/2021 @ Amazon

Keep charger cable with u


Liked size but won’t keep charge long. I tried using it for all my tires, but halfway through the battery gave out. I was able to keep it going with the charging cable tho. I really like how small it is and it's easy to use.

  - Cathy Walker,
      04/18/2021 @ Amazon

Makes it easier!!


Makes it easier to maintain proper tire maintenance - when the weather changes - can do it in the driveway rather than trying to make it to a convenient store or dealership - not to mention if you pick up a nail etc. - A Great asset to have!!!

  - Gary Cioch,
      07/05/2021 @ Trust Pilot

An Essential Gadge


The Inflate-R wireless air pump is an essential gadget for your car or with you during bike rides. Flat tires are no fun, but this gadget can help you avoid them and give you emergency air. It’s a great choice for anyone who drives and makes a thoughtful gift for someone you love.

  - The Gadget Flow,

Great Portable Air Device


I no longer have to stop at sketchy gas stations to top off my tires with air only to find that the machine ate my money or the machine doesn’t work or is missing the tire gauche or hose… this neat little gadget ticks away in its own bag, no longer than a small umbrella! Love it!

  - Susan Tucker,

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Good buy


Small easy to use, I have an on road small eng repair repair truck use this to inflate tires on lawn tractors.

  - Wayne Bevacqua,
      02/21/2021 @ Amazon

Keeps tires inflated for good gas mileage


Great invention. Gas stations are not always around the corner. A dollar in quarters for the air machine is another possible void. Place the pump in the emergency kit in the car. So so useful. Set the PSI and it stops inflating when reached.

  - Casey,
      03/14/2021 @ Amazon



It is the best thing I ever did In my life, an awesome item to inflate my auto tires.

I recommended it to everybody.

  - Papo,
      05/23/2021 @ Amazon

I won't be without one of these any more


I saw this on an AD on the internet and thought it may be another useless tool. I will be 75 this summer and am just recovered from a bout with cancer. Lugging my big air machine around is just too much for me. Also, I am very picky about tire pressure as it is the major cause of tire failure. After my first time using it on my new Jeep, it had exactly the same amount of air in each tire and spare tire in minutes. We changed from Winter to Summer quickly so it has been up and down for about 3 weeks. It takes me moments to adjust the air in my tires. I will soon order one for my daughter and son, a 3 pack most likely so I can have a spare around the house LOVE THIS LITTLE ITEM....

  - Jake Angelo,
      03/24/2021, Trust Pilot



Good, but not perfect...


So far, the inflator works well and does what it should. I am happy with this part. Two things, though, are negatives. First of all, it needs to include a charger that plugs into the wall rather than just the cigarette lighter plug. I had to obtain a wall plug charger at Walmart for $8-plus. Second of all, the display screen is way too tiny. If I had to use this at night in inclement weather, the itsy bitsy screen might make the job difficult. Other than that, seems to be well made and a bargain at the price.

  - Dan,
      06/04/2021 @ Amazon

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