Tire punctures are inevitable. Prepare for yours now.

Durable Tools

Both the Rasp Tool and Pull Needle are durable, making your job easier.

Robust Cement

Out rubber cement keeps your puncture sealed and keeps you on the road.

Tire Puncture Repair Kit

Did you know the average American driver experiences 5 punctured tires in their lifetime? Why wait for it to happen when you can be prepared?

  - Don't find yourself stranded with a punctured tire.

InflateR's Premium Tire Puncture Kits can restore any punctured car or bike tire with ease.

Just take the object out of your tire. Then grab the rasp tool, insert it into your tire and roughen up the hole. Next, take a repair string and thread it halfway into the pull needle. Add some rubber cement onto the string and insert the pull needle into the hole. Quickly pull the needle tool back out. The string should be left in the hole. Wait 5 minutes, then use the blade to cut off any excess. To finish the job, grab Inflate-R and pump your tire back up. That’s it!

Get your Premium Tire Puncture Kit now. It's inevitable that you'll experience a punctured tire, so get prepared for when the worst comes your way.

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