How a Stranger Saved me Thousands with a Simple, Strange Device

Don’t Let Tire Pressure Stress You Out

Wednesday, September 15 2021

Tire pressure can be stressful. Even though I’ve been driving for years, it’s something I simply cannot master. No matter how much I practice, I’m always doing it wrong.

Recently my tire pressure got the best of me.

As I loaded my trunk for a much-needed road trip, I completely forgot to check our tires. With wailing kids, an eager husband, and our howling mutt, I had enough on my plate.

I was focused on the peaceful scenery, dipping my toes in the sand, and snapping family pictures. After an hour, we were finally on the road and cruising. I twisted the volume, blasting music. All of us chanted to the new pop beat. Even Wally joined us, barking to the chorus.

Everything was fine. Everything was great. Until it wasn’t…

I glanced at my husband with pleading eyes. “I think the tire’s flat.”

Immediately the steering wheel pulled the car into oncoming traffic. The kids screamed while I tried to regain control. My husband looked like he needed a bathroom break. I tugged the wheel and brought our car onto the highway’s edge. Thank goodness. We were safe.

But we were stuck.

With no spare tire or gas stations near us, I needed a solution. Scrolling through my phone for the cheapest towing options, I couldn’t find one under $250. And that was only the flat fee. Why didn’t I just check the tire pressure?

As we waited for the tow truck, which was estimated to be over an hour away, a car pulled over behind us. With a smile spread across his face, a gentleman emerged and walked over.

“How can I help? I noticed the tire,” he said pointing.

“Oh we’re just stuck, ‘cause someone forgot to check the tires before our trip,” my husband said, slyly eyeing me. “But don’t worry, we’ve got a tow truck on the way.”

“I can help if you’d like,” the stranger said.

“What, do you have a magician hiding in your car?” I joked.

“Not a magician, but there’s a bit of magic to it.”

The gentleman strolled back to his car and grabbed what looked like a water bottle. As he came back, he handed me a strange device.

“It’s the InflateR. I’ve helped others with this guy before! Try it out,” he said.

He handed me the sleek device, about the size of my hand. I popped it in and checked our tire pressure. It measured in at 14 PSI.

“Cancel your tow truck. I can pump your tire back up to 35 PSI in a few minutes,” he said.

My husband, who was handling the bouncing kids, gave me a thumbs up.

With the device plugged in, this friendly man used no other tools. He didn’t even raise the car. He clicked the start button immediately air flowed into our tire.

How can a device this small inflate a tire with the car’s entire weight compressing it? It wasn’t like this man carried around compressed gas. But as I was thinking, the tire expanded.

“Looks like you’re back to 35 PSI. That should be all. Now you can enjoy the rest of your trip.” He smiled, glancing at the overflowing luggage piled on top of our van. “Wow! Thank you so so much. You just saved us hundreds, if not thousands! I appreciate all your help,” I said, shaking his hand. All the money this man saved us raced through my mind. Think of the tow truck, tire, and repair costs. Especially since so many mechanics are out for your money!

“Not a problem. But thank the InflateR, he’s the real hero here!”

I returned my husband’s thumbs up. He took over driving while I googled the InflateR. What was this blessing and how could I get one?

What is the InflateR?

InflateR is an innovative device that can be used by anyone. Small, compact, and completely wireless, InflateR is the savior we’ve all needed.

It comes with a nozzle that plugs into the top of the device and into the tire. The moment you plug it in, your current PSI will appear on the LED screen.

Set your desired PSI, hit start, and InflateR instantly drives air into your tire. Once completed, the device automatically turns off.

Instead of spending hours dealing with tire pressure, within minutes, you can return to business. Cut those unnecessary worries with InflateR.


What makes InflateR special?

Sleek, Smart Design

You’ll never lug around compressed air after trying out this device


LCD Display

Stranded at night? The LCD display keeps you prepared


Built-In PowerBank

Included with every InflateR is a portable power bank, with a USB charging cable and a car adapter


Speedy Inflation

Late for work? With inflation in minutes, you’ll make it on time


Automatic & Accurate

Automatically cuts off air at desired PSI


Ultra-High Pressure

InflateR inflates just about everything and comes with a balloon, bike, and football nozzle (up to 150 PSI)

Being one of the only devices that inflates to 150 PSI, InflateR is a leading-edge invention. With most hand pumps, bike tires are a non-starter. But with InflateR, pumping those pressurized tires is painless.

Don’t bike? Well, InflateR also works on soccerballs, footballs, basketballs.

Not into sports? It works on air mattresses and inflatable tubes.

I use the InflateR at my daughter’s soccer practice, my son’s sleepovers, and even with my dog’s sports ball. Wally deserves high-tech too!

I know what you’re thinking—this innovative device can’t be affordable, can it?

Enjoy Your InflateR Today

Why break the bank with expensive, heavy, and time-consuming technology that costs hundreds? With reasonable pricing, grab your own InflateR today!

For $75, you not only receive a life-saving device, but also multiple power cords and a built-in power bank. When compared to costly tow trucks and cheeky mechanics, InflateR saves you your hard-earned cash!

I potentially saved thousands with this sleek device. Tow truck? $250. New tire? $200-$500. Mechanic? $100 (for the puncture). Add on costs like unexpected mechanic fixes, an overnight hotel, etc? $1000+. Why not save yourself and your bank the pressure?

Not only did I save money, I also saved myself priceless resources. Imagine how long I would have waited for the tow truck. Imagine the lineup for the mechanic. Imagine the stress. Why spend your time frantically fretting, when you can plug and pump with InflateR? Instead of hours wasted, you’re good to go in 10 minutes. Instead of stress, you can look forward to your trip. I’d rather lay on a beach than set up shop at the mechanic’s.

Rid yourself of avoidable costs, needless stress, and enjoy your InflateR today. Even better, buy one and get the second 50% off — InflateR is for the entire family!

Crush your road trip and try InflateR today.

The Easiest and Cheapest Way to Handle Tire Pressure!

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Bundle and Save!

Inflate-R is a portable and lightweight tire pump that conveniently fits in your glovebox or backpack.

Crafted with a safety flashlight, Inflate-R duels as a powerbank. This all-in-one device pumps up to 150 PSI, ensuring you're always prepared and feeling safe.