How I'll Never Have Another Dead Battery Thanks to This Solar-Powered Charger

UPDATE: It’s Finally Back In Stock!

Monday December 13 2021

Humans are reliant. When something becomes familiar, we anticipate it. I’d guess you’re reading this on your phone or computer. We seem to rely on those things the most these days.

Technology is our support system. When was the last time you left the house without your phone? I can’t even remember! There are so many necessary components to our phones–music, contact info, maps, social media. These pieces have become a part of us.

So, what happens when you forget to charge your phone? What happens when the battery just won’t stop draining? What’s your backup plan?

Recently, I went for a much-needed hike. After a very taxing week, I wanted to get out of the bustling city. Just me, myself, and I. Well, also my phone. But that was it!

I wanted to destress. And the hike was definitely destressing… until it wasn’t.

As I captured the beautiful scenery, my phone’s battery dropped to 10%. And we all know if it’s below 10%, the phone shuts off very soon.

I didn’t want to finish my hike without music or my camera. But I had no charger. So, I turned off my music and set my phone to ‘low power mode.’ 

Even though I craved my music and camera, I knew I had to prioritize the battery. What if I needed help? I had to keep my battery alive.

 I continued my trek. Longing to snap the sunset, I glanced at my phone. Battery: 6%.

My relaxing trip slowly soured. I was sticky from sweat and tense from worry. Instead of focusing on the hike, my mind raced.

I wish I had my music.

I wish I could snap pictures.

I wish I remembered to charge my phone.

Over the next hour, I drove myself crazy. I decided to turn back, hop in my car, and drive home.

The second I plugged in my charger, I felt immediate relief. All my fears dissolved. I felt safe again.

I resolved to find a backup plan. I scrolled through the internet, read up on reviews, and compared ratings. So many power banks looked flimsy. They seemed to have such unreliable batteries. And many reviews spoke of their banks leaking! Imagine trying to charge your phone and the power bank leaks battery acid. No thank you!

 And that’s when I came across “Voltzy.” The compact sleek device the size of a phone claimed to charge devices using solar power. The company even called it a ‘power plant,’ rather than a power bank–how neat! Plus, who says no to so many 5-Star reviews?

I placed an order and within a few days, I was holding the lightweight device. It was well-made, with quality parts. But I knew I had to put this guy to the test.

I packed my bag and hooked Voltzy to my belt. Because it requires sunlight, I decided my belt was the best bet! Since it’s so lightweight, I barely even felt it. And prepared with my backup plan, I embarked on my next journey.

When my charge dropped below 20%, I pulled out Voltzy, hooked up the cables, and immediately my phone’s charge surged.

This time I didn’t stress or worry. This time I was prepared. I spent my hike strutting in step with my music. I captured the gorgeous mountains. I enjoyed myself.

As I sat on the cliff’s edge, I placed an order for 3 more. I knew my family needed Voltzy too! You never know when you need a backup plan. While hiking, I knew music and photos were my preference, but you never know when you’ll need your phone.

What if I was hurt? What if my family called with an emergency? What if the weather took a turn?

Introducing Voltzy:
The Emergency-Ready Solar Powered Power Plant

Ready to trade in your flimsy, leaky, traditional power bank? 

Ready for the only backup plan you need?

Voltzy is a solar powerbank that charges your devices using a USB cable. Built with quality materials and innovative solar technology, Voltzy is one of the only solar-charging powerbanks that actually work!

With it’s sleek design and light weight, Voltzy is the handy device you can bring anywhere. Personally, I hook it to my belt, keeping it available but out of the way.

The LED lights at the top indicate when Voltzy is charged and ready for your devices. Simply plug your electronic device into one of the Voltzy’s secured ports. In a short while your device will be fully charged.

The best part? Voltzy has multiple ports, meaning you can charge two devices from 0 to 100% purely off sunlight!

Voltzy is ideal for outdoor activities and emergencies! Hike? Bike? Camp? Check! Power outage? Car breakdown? Hurt and isolated? Check!

Voltzy isn’t just a charger, it’s a partner in all of life’s adventures.... It's a peaceful state of mind.

Why Voltzy Beats the Competition

Quality PartsFashioned with a shock-resistant and waterproof case, Voltzy is built for the outdoors with a rubberized shell for an easy grip

Emergency LightingClick the side button for the LED flashlight, click again for an SOS strobe light

Powerful BatteryWith 8000 mAh of battery storage, you can charge up to two devices

Solar-PoweredVoltzy charges using solar panels that catch the sun’s rays

VersatileSpending the day inside? You can charge Voltzy with any micro USB

CompatibleWorks with any phone or electronic device

With traditional power banks, they can barely hold a charge themselves. Why buy a bank with a worse battery than your device? Many power banks have unreliable batteries that weren’t built to last. Instead, they’re built so you end up buying another one. Ditch your dangerous, fickle power bank and see how Voltzy measures up. 

I know you’ll be as impressed as me. And the thousands of others who love Voltzy. 

During these trying times, you’re not the only one seeking an emergency plan. When Voltzy launched, the power plant sold out within days. Their entire stock disappeared. Even after taking down their site, the requests for Voltzy didn’t stop. The crazy part? The relaunch sold out too!

Now, stocked with (hopefully) enough inventory to meet demands, Voltzy is ready for everyone.

I know what you’re thinking. How affordable is this innovative device?

How Much Does Voltzy Cost?

Made for all budgets, Voltzy starts at $49.95 (+S&H). 

Chances are you’d spend much more on a power source during an emergency! But why worry, when there’s Voltzy—an affordable, efficient, and advanced power plant?

Let go of your stress when immersed outdoors. Enjoy hiking, camping, or beach trips? Always find yourself with a depleted battery? Free your worries with Voltzy.

Not only does Voltzy make my adventures peaceful, but it also prepares me for any crisis. Emergencies are emergencies for a reason. We never know when they’ll happen.

Just check out these reviews and see what other people think of Voltzy:

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Join the thousands of Americans who trust Voltzy to power their backup plans.

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Enjoy Voltzy today and keep your family prepared for 2021.

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