A Quick Fix For Your Worst Days

How will you fix your worst days?



Inflate-R Pumps Up Anything In Minutes

Watch Inflate-R Pump Up a Car Tire In 8 Minutes

What Is Boost-R?

With just four simple steps, Boost-R kickstarts any dead car battery. Simply connect the clips to the according battery terminals. Then, plug the cables into the device and hit the power button. Start your engine. Once your battery is reignited, disconnect the the clips and pack up Boost-R.

Boost-R makes the most annoying situations stress-free. Solve your dead car battery with one click.

But that’s not all! Boost-R also offers wireless charging for your mobile devices. Just turn it on and place your device on top. You’ll spot the charging sign in seconds.

And, like any high-quality emergency device, Boost-R is prepared for anything. With its built-in LED flashlight and powerbank, you can feel confident in any situation.

Boost-R: A Quick Fix for Your Worst Days

Portable & Lightweight

Say goodbye to your clunky jumper cables and the need for another vehicle. Boost-R is completely portable!


Wireless Charging

Your phone need a battery boost? Place it on top of Boost-R for wireless charging.


Built-In Powerbank

Charge all your devices on the go with Boost-R’s powerful 20,000 mAh powerbank!

Easy to Use

Connect the clips to your battery, hit the power button, start your engine. Once your battery is reignited, disconnect the the clips!


Small & Compact

Store the lightweight device in your glovebox, console, or even your backpack with ease!



Caught in the dark? Simply shine Boost-R’s bright multi-mode LED flashlight to guide your way.

Have You Ever Been In These Situations?

Forgot to charge your phone last night?

Don't stress! Simply place your phone on top of Boost-R. You'll see the charging symbol in seconds.

Discover a dead battery?

On your way to work and discover a dead battery? Boost-R offers a quick fix, even on your worst days!

Caught in the dark?

Whether you experience a power outage or become stranded, grab your Boost-R for a bright multi-mode LED light.

Here’s Why People Love Boost-R…




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Won't leave home without it

"This thing has saved my butt multiple times, whether I accidentally leave a headlight on or my old battery gets grumpy in the cold. Starts my 450 4 stroke effortlessly, even from Stone dead. And it charges back up real fast. I haven't used the flashlight yet, but I know it'll be ideal in emergencies."

Daniel Jones, 02/12/2021

Great emergency item to have

"I initially bought this for my lawn tractor. After periods of cold weather it wouldn't start and dragging out my battery charger, extension cords, etc was a pain. Then my middle son (19 yo) began having trouble with his auto not starting. He kinda hijacked mine and kept it in his car.... getting himself to and from work. The lights are a nice feature if you ever have to jump your auto at night or if you're stranded. I also like the wireless charging for my phone. It's going into my hatchback now that I've stolen it back from my son!"

Matt Anderson, 01/20/2021

Highly recommend

"I've just got this thing, but like everyone due to pandemic and cold weather I've had to use it 3 times already! Funny enough all 3 times was not for my car. Very easy to use, easy to store and easy to charge. Added bonus it can charge USB devices through the powerbank and wirelessly charges phones on top. Highly recommend this device, just make sure to keep it charged up and stored in your car. "

Chris Jameson, 11/01/2021

A Winter Savior

"This past winter was brutal, with extended periods of -40 degree weather. Our aging cars don’t like the cold and if one of the kids leaves an interior light on by mistake then that’s it for the battery! That’s where the Boost-R boost comes in - just pop the hood and attach to your battery and you’re good to go! Pros? Very well made, can be used as a USB battery pack for your devices, and wirelessly charges phones!"

John Cioch, 09/05/2021

How to Use Boost-R


Connect to Battery

Connect the cable’s clips to the corresponding battery terminals.


Connect to Boost-R

Plug the cables into your fully charged Boost-R.


Power On

Press the power button on Boost-R's side. Once on, turn over your car.



Disconnect the clips and pack up Boost-R in its leather case.

Boost-R Keeps You Emergency-Ready

Built-In 20,000 mAh Powerbank

Kickstart dead batteries in minutes

10 Watt Wireless Charging

100,000+ Satisfied Customers

The Story Behind Boost-R

For years, car owners experienced more and more issues with their batteries. In fact, since 2017, car owners reported 44% more car battery problems than ever before!

Well, when our founder experienced his first, he set out on a mission to create a simple, multi-functional device that keeps people prepared on the road.

Boost-R was built as a "people first" gadget. It isn't just a neat device. Boost-R is about making people feel safe in emergencies. It puts convenience first, making our customers' lives easier. Simply, Boost-R is a quick fix for your worst days.

We are a company founded on integrity, honesty, and innovation. We strive to create functional devices that organically fit into your lifestyle. Simply, we are a company that puts people first—and Boost-R is so exception.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

If you’re not 100% satisfied with Boost-R, we offer a hassle-free return experience!
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