Learn How This Surprising Multifunctional Car Gadget Saved The Day

Fix Your Dead Car Battery With One Click

Wednesday, November 15 2021

You know when you plan and plan... And plan for a trip, only for something unfortunate to happen? That’s when you realize no amount of planning can ever prepare you for life.

Or can it?...

Recently, my wife and I went camping. It was the end of September, so the leaves were turning and the nights were chilly. That’s my favorite time to camp because it’s far less crowded and the heat doesn’t get to you.

One night we stayed up late talking. We cooked marshmallows over the open fire and ate too many over-loaded s'mores. The goo clung to my lips, so I grabbed us some paper towels from the car and cleaned up our mess.

Little did I know, that would be the moment that completely changed our morning plans.

Within the hour we were snuggled in our tent buried beneath layers of blankets and sleeping bags. Honestly, I felt 25 again! It was a simple, romantic getaway. My eyelids, heavy from the long, festive day, closed.

I woke up to my wife rustling the tent.

“Get up, get up, get up! The car is dead,” she shrieked.

I jolted awake, threw on some sweats, and unzipped the door.

“I tried going for a drive to grab us morning coffees, but it won’t start! How could this happen?”

That’s when it hit me... I left the interior light on last night. I explained to my wife what happened and a cloud set over her eyes.

I scanned the campground — not one car in sight.

We decided to walk to the check-in and see if anyone working had their car with them. Thankfully, we had jumper cables, but needed another car.

When we arrived at the building, the doors were locked. I stared at a sign saying, “Closed for the day, sorry for the inconvenience.”

Talk about a damn inconvenience.

The storm in my wife’s eyes darkened.

Our day’s plans and reservations went out the window. We ended up losing over $400 for not showing up to our booked spa appointments! And it’s not like you can just call a taxi in the middle of nowhere! Hence my wife’s anger.

Yes, we were camping... but that doesn't mean you can’t treat yourself!

We strolled through the campground, searching for someone with a car.

We were stressed, stinky, and frustrated. The expensive plans we looked forward to our entire trip were canceled. Because of ONE light. Because no one was here. Because of me...

After circling the grounds for over two hours, we ended up walking along the road that branched out of the park.

We probably looked like hitch-hikers, but kept waving at passing cars. Eventually, someone pulled over.

“Our car is dead and there’s no one to help us jump start it. Would you mind?” I asked.

The gentleman nodded his head, opening the back doors to his truck. We jumped in and pointed the way back to our site.

As I pulled the long jumper cables out of my trunk, the kind stranger chuckled at me.

He must have seen my frown, because he said, “You don’t need those! I have a portable jump starter. You just connect it to your battery and push the start button. No need for long cables or my car at all. I actually use this on my ATV all the time! It’s a pretty neat little thing.”

He pulled out a small black box with two short cables attached to clips. I had a hard time believing something so small could kick-start our battery…

“Do you mind?” He asked, nodding at the hood of our car.

I agreed and helped him hook up the clips. Within a minute everything was connected. I watched skeptically as he pressed the power button.

He told me to turn on the car so I shrugged and turned the keys. Instantly the roar of the engine sounded.

Wow. What a device...

I smiled and thanked him, asking after the device’s name.

“Boost-R. It’s a handy little thing. Plus, it duels as a wireless charger, so my phone is always sitting on top of it for a battery boost!”

I made a mental note of it as he got back in his car and drove off…. Boost-R….

Filled with relief, and the freedom to return to our day, my wife and I hugged.

We went out for coffee and once I connected to the wifi, I placed an order for my very own Boost-R.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering…

What is Boost-R?

Perfect for people who don’t like to get their hands dirty, Boost-R is the ideal addition to any road trip. This portable jump starter duels as a powerbank and a wireless charger. With its compact and portable design, Boost-R offers a quick fix for your worst mornings.

With just five simple steps, Boost-R kickstarts any dead car battery. Simply connect the clips to the according battery terminals. Then, plug the cables into the device and hit the power button. Start your engine. Once your battery is reignited, disconnect the the clips and pack up Boost-R.

Boost-R makes the most annoying situations stress-free. Solve your dead car battery with one click.

But that’s not all! Boost-R also offers wireless charging for your mobile devices. Just turn it on and place your device on top. You’ll spot the charging sign in seconds.

And, like any high-quality emergency device, Boost-R is prepared for anything. With its built-in LED flashlight and powerbank, you can feel confident in any situation.

Smaller than your tablet and lighter than your water bottle, Boost-R can easily be stored in your glovebox for quick access. Or, you can keep it accessible and powered with the included 3-way USB charging cable.

Pro Tip: If you use it for a jump or to charge your phone, recharge it fully. If it sits around for over 2 months, recharge it. This limits the amount of sulfur in the cells and ensures the longest life for your device!

What Makes Boost-R Special?

100% Portable
Say goodbye to your clunky jumper cables and the need for another vehicle. Boost-R is completely portable!


Wireless Charging
Your phone need a battery boost? Place it on top of Boost-R for wireless charging.


Built-In Powerbank
Charge your devices on the go with Boost-R’s powerful 20,000 mAh powerbank!


Caught in the dark? Simply shine Boost-R’s bright multi-mode LED flashlight to guide your way.

Small & Compact
Store the lightweight device in your glovebox, console, or even your backpack with ease!

How To Use Boost-R

Thankfully, Boost-R is extremely easy to use. With five simple steps, your car will be roaring in minutes.

1. Connect the cable’s clips to the corresponding battery terminals.

2. Plug the cables into your fully charged Boost-R.

3. Press the power button on the side.

4. Turn over your car.

5. Disconnect the clips and pack up Boost-R in its leather case.

What does Boost-R come with, you ask?

  • Boost-R, The Multifunctional Jump Starter
  • Boost-R Cables and Clips
  • Durable Leather Case
  • 3-Way USB Charging Cable
  • Instruction Manual

Using the 3-way USB charging cable, you can either power your devices using Boost-R’s powerbank. Or you can charge Boost-R by plugging the USB-C end into the Jump Starter and the USB end into a charging block.

So I’m sure you’re wondering… how much does it cost?

How Much Does Boost-R Cost?

Your usual, hefty jump starters that claim they’re portable, can run for over $250! But for the compact, portable, and easy-to-use Boost-R, you’ll spend just $125.

That’s right! For less than typical portable jump starters, Boost-R also duels as a powerbank, wireless charger, and flashlight! Talk about multifunctional…

Instead of purchasing all three individual products, you can save your time and your money, with Boost-R. A wireless powerbank alone will cost you just as much as Boost-R, and without all the added features!

Right now, for a limited time, you can claim an exclusive 20% off discount for your first Boost-R purchase! Instead of $125, Boost-R can be yours for just $99!

By the time my wife and I arrived home, our Boost-R order sat on our front porch. I opened it before I had even set our luggage down.

I tested out the wireless charging and heck, it was speedy! I plugged in my tablet and the powerbank checked out. I haven’t had the chance to test out its jumping powers, but since I saw it in action already, I trusted this device.

Honestly, I think my favorite thing is how small it is. Whenever I show my friends Boost-R, they’re always shocked that such a small device can power a car battery.

And after some research, I’m not the only one who loves it! Check out these reviews:


If you like to be prepared or have a problematic battery, I highly recommend this jump starter! Not only is it more affordable than most options (hello sale!!), it is also multifunctional.

Learn from my mistakes. Don’t lose out on your lavish spa treatments. Don’t waste a whole day running around. And don’t get into a stranger’s car (kidding… kinda).

If I had Boost-R during my camping trip, we wouldn’t have lost over $350 and we wouldn’t have lost hair from all the stress!

Planning ahead isn’t about forecasting the worst. It’s about planning around life’s inevitable obstacles. While you can’t always prepare for life, Boost-R brings you one step closer.

Plan ahead with Boost-R.

Boost-R is on SALE today!

While quantities last!



Bundle & Save!

Boost-R is a portable and lightweight jump starter that conveniently fits in your glovebox or backpack.

Crafted with a bright LED flashlight, Boost-R duels as a powerbank and wireless charger. This all-in-one device kick-starts dead batteries all on it's own. Just hook it up and press the power button.

Boost-R is a quick fix your most stressful days!