Voltzy PowerPack + Voltzy Solar

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Voltzy is the only back-up plan you need.

Voltzy is a power bank that charges using the sun’s energy. Or, for daily, non-emergent use, you can charge it using a USB cable.

To power your devices, just plug your electronic into one of Voltzy’s ports. By the time you get back from your walk, you’ll see the battery at full.* Since Voltzy has multiple ports, you can charge up to two devices at any time, using pure solar power.

And the Voltzy powerbank doesn’t just charge phones, it also powers iPads, tablets, e-readers, and Kindles.

With LED indicators, Voltzy reliably notifies you of its charging status. It also comes with a built-in flashlight, ensuring you’re prepared for any emergency.

Voltzy was crafted for those leading an on-the-go lifestyle. As such, the powerbank is shock- and water-resistant, built with a rubberized shell for an easy grip. Clip Voltzy onto your belt or backpack, keeping the device charged with solar power!

Ever been in a bind where you need a quick charge? That's why we built Voltzy Solar.

You can charge your Voltzy using Voltzy Solar from 50% battery in 2-3 hours or from 0% in 5-6 hours.*

Or, you can use Voltzy Solar to charge the Voltzy powerbank while you charge your phone. With a three-way USB cable, you can charge up to four devices with Voltzy Solar, while charging Voltzy powerbank at the same time.

Essentially, Voltzy Solar speeds up the charging process so you'll stay powered all day long.

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