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Say goodbye to low-batteries and hello to solar power. Built with durable solar panels, Voltzy transforms the sun’s energy, powering your devices. With two USB ports, you can fully charge up to two devices at any time, and in just a few hours.*

Click the side button for an emergency flashlight. Click again for an SOS light. Like we said, Voltzy makes the best partner.

Now you can feel safe knowing you’ll always have a powered phone and a bright flashlight at your disposal. Voltzy’s like the Robin to your Batman—always on your side… Literally, you can clip Voltzy to your belt for optimal usage.

Shock- and water-resistant, Voltzy can handle just about anything; puddles, falls, and even accidental drop-kicks!

The LED light indicators on the bottom tell you how charged Voltzy is. That way there’s no guesswork. If all the lights are bright, Voltzy’s ready to power your devices; including phones, iPads, tablets, e-Readers, and Kindles.

Whether you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, relaxing on the beach, or climbing through the Appalachian mountains, Voltzy’s got you covered.

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