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Thank you for your interest in becoming an Inflate-R Affiliate. We're always on the lookout for new marketers and companies that share our passion for technological innovation. Our mission is to create unique, high quality products that provide value, and we want you to help spread the word!

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Whether you’re a tech writer, blogger, media buyer or eCommerce product enthusiast, we'd love to work with you as an affiliate marketing partner. We work hand-in-hand with our affiliate partners across multiple platforms to ensure their success.


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Our affiliate program is managed by Clique Network, a global performance platform dedicated to building relationships between affiliates and brands. We offer competitive commission rates for generating sales and Clique Network's platform allows you to track your success in real-time. As an affiliate of Inflate-R, you get access to all the proven campaign assets our internal media team is using to generate hundreds of sales per day. This performance advantage is unlike any other affiliate program. We hand over the wins so you can find immediate success.